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today is a sunny day at lili confetti land
it's Thursday, June 14, 2007

+ Robinsons 'Raise them on...'

currently in love with ... Robinsons Squashes and Cordials ad - uk

check out the TV commercial too on YOU TUBE !

Illustrations are by Adrian Johnson - visit his site here >

3 + Comments:

Anonymous velda said...

Oh I love his work! Great bit of blogging :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think his work is great too!the robinson's "raise them on on" tv advert is great but there are a lot of similarities in style to a game I play on my PSP called Locoroco

even the music used on the advert is a bit similar to that used in the game.. I still think the advert is great but the similarities just struck me the other day..

How fab! Your work is so cool :) keep it up and spread the love.

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