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today is a sunny day at lili confetti land
it's Thursday, July 03, 2008

+ Ribbon ....Update

I just found out that Yoshie Watanabe enchanting calendar is available at !!!!! . This is such a beautiful picture book calendar to keep and cherish ...

photo courtesy of
Yoshie Watanabe for D-Bros
Colorful ribbons - bow tied, trailing, decorative - provide the continuity for a charming series of vignettes.
Each time you forwrd the weekly planned - the ribbon marker is moved to the next weekly page layout. Each week is beautifuly unique.

Hara Museum Online Shop
The story is a rather novel one that involves a single ribbon. As the story develops, the ribbon appears in many ways—tied up, unraveled, as decoration, or in the hand of a little girl or a number of animals. An actual ribbon runs through a tiny hole in each page, becoming a part of each picture. With this calendar, you will find yourself anticipating each new week just to find out where the ribbon will go. Unlike other calendars, this is a beautiful picture book calendar designed not only to mark the days, but to become something that you will want to keep forever.



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