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today is a sunny day at lili confetti land
it's Wednesday, April 12, 2006

+ 1201am time to shop !

What does 1201am mean?
1201am represents the time, 12:01am. Also known as "the first minute of the day"; a notion of freshness, or an awakening of innovation and ideas. With most creative minds being more nocturnal creatures, the name also reflects a familiar time of day, or night, when most ideas hit.

Mod and classy @ !

<--- These boxed notecard sets by 1201am use the artful and elegant style of letterpress printing to achieve a lasting impression. All notes are printed on smooth, white cardstock and are blank on the inside.
Featuring the CHIRPS! design in magenta or avocado

--> Tired of sending emails all the time? Bored with your everyday trip to the mailbox? Need some stylish artwork for your apartment? Postal Decorativ is here to save you!

all available in our boutique NOW ! Click here to shop 1201am >

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